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Welcome to the official website of Maryann Paige.  We're going to have an exciting 2016.  Stay tuned for my newest release written with the talented Matthew Harrison.

The Vampire Prophecy.


Cemetery Gates
4.5 tombstones out of 5!!!!

...."The imagery is brilliant, creating chilling visions that haunt the reader....

"...I recommend Cemetery Gates to all those who loves fantasy and horror. The characters and plot are well developed, and the urgency to figure out the connection between the characters makes this hard to put down......"

     ~~Bitten by Books.

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Wolf Strap:

"I would recommend Wolf Strap to someone who doesn’t mind a nightmare or two."
                                 ~~Bitten by Books

Hidden Shadows:

"The characters are truly sympathetic, and they all have great backstory – the audience can feel with them."
                   ~~ Bitten by Books
Maryann Paige
When her daughter and a friend cast a simple love spell from Jofranka’s Book of Shadows, they awakened something-- something Jofranka put to sleep long ago. 

Now Jofranka must answer to the vampire prophecy, her own gypsy legacy, her Master, and admit to herself that her daughter was prophesied to become the most powerful vampire the world has ever seen.   She needs to stay alive to protect her daughter, but that will prove difficult. 

Her ultimate betrayal of the man she professed to love eternally stands in her way.  Now that he is awakened, he can destroy her as he had made her.  Will he forgive Jofranka and help save his daughter or will he allow The Vampire’s Prophecy to reign true?

Upcoming Releases
The Documentarian

Everything about Kerri Lynn Parker's life was perfect: her job, an apartment in a historic area of a beautiful Southern City and her relationship with her boyfriend.

After assisting a ghost hunting team as a Documentarian, everything changed. A sinister force followed her and she's been running ever since. Battling her own dark neurosis, she thrusts forward fighting to defeat the demons in her head.

As despair consumes her, someone witnesses the abomination. The only problem is it's Police Officer Alex Gomez, and he believes it’s a criminal he’s after. Kerri Lynn knows he's her only hope to help prevent the unleashing of depravity and horror upon the world.

Can she convince him of their higher calling or will she be destroyed battling God's darkest creations alone?

      Say My Name

Diane's family meant well when they put her away for a psychiatric evaluation.  The insomnia, the voices in her head, and the dealings with the shadow boy was too much for everyone to handle.  When she had a vision of the boy in science class, and her instability became public knowledge, her family knew they had no choice but to seek professional help for their daughter.

What her family didn’t realize is they locked her away for thirty days with others just like herself.  Others that knew the voices well and sometimes did the vile things they were asked to do. 

Now Diane has even bigger problems. By mistake, she said its name and it’s coming after her. The battle between good and evil is one she can now recognize. 

Others that have contacted her from the other side have come to help her but so many have been destroyed.  Her shadow boy stands beside Diane as she has no choice but to face the evil around her.